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The following crops are very easy to grow and your goats will love them.



Plant fresh tubers bought either from a Garden Centre or a shop.

Plant in a row,  positioning the tubers 18" apart and about 3" deep.

Once planted they will need very little attention although it is best to watch out for slugs.

They will grow to 6-8 feet high and might need some support although the stem will be 1-2 inches thick.

Feed the stems to the goats as soon as there are plenty of leaves.

Leave the tubers in the ground and they will grow again the following year.



Very easy to grow from seed in a greenhouse or on a window ledge.

When the plants are 3" high transplant to permanent position.

Plant in prepared soil two feet apart and water as necessary.

They will grow to about three feet high and are quite bushy.

Remove leaves from the bottom of the stem and feed to the goats, this will allow the Kale to continue growing.